Recent Submissions

  • A generalized hierarchical approach for data labeling 

    Blanks, Zachary D. (Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 2019)
    The goal of this thesis was to develop a data type agnostic classification algorithm best suited for problems where there are a large number of similar labels (e.g., classifying a port versus a shipyard). The most common ...
  • Identifying and assessing coordinated influence campaigns on social networks 

    Mesnards, Nicolas Guenon des. (Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 2019)
    Social networks have given us the ability to spread messages and influence large populations very easily. Malicious actors can take advantage of social networks to manipulate opinions using artificial accounts, or bots. ...
  • Detecting food safety risks and human tracking using interpretable machine learning methods/ 

    Zhu, Jessica H. (Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 2019)
    Black box machine learning methods have allowed researchers to design accurate models using large amounts of data at the cost of interpretability. Model interpretability not only improves user buy-in, but in many cases ...

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