Recent Submissions

  • Lean Enterprise Value Second Edition 

    Murman, Earll; Allen, Thomas; Bozdogan, Kirkor; Ckutcher-Gershenfeld, Joel; McManus, Hugh; e.a. (2023)
    The 2002 edition of Lean Enterprise Value elevated prevailing lean production thinking into a bold new framework for lean enterprise value creation, focused on the challenge of transforming the greater aerospace enterprise. ...
  • Supplier Management Self-Assessment Tool 

    Lean Advancement Initiative; Bozdogan, Kirkor (2022-12-05)
    This tool represents a framework that companies can utilize to conduct a self-assessment of how much progress they have made in developing lean supply chain management capabilities. In addition, it can be used to establish ...
  • Lean Now Facilitator Course 

    Bryan, F. Terry (2005-07-20)
    The Lean Now Facilitator Course was developed by the LAI Transformation Director, Terry Bryan, to prepare industry and government lean facilitators to participate in an Enterprise Value Stream Mapping and Analysis (EVSMA) ...

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