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Lecture Notes

This section contains the lecture notes for the course. Each set of notes refer to reading assignments for the course textbook, Introduction to Probability, written by Professors John Tsitsiklis and Dimitri Bertsekas. Some of the slides in the notes are intentionally left blank, used by the instructors to work through material with students during class.

Lecture Notes: 1 (PDF)

Lecture Notes: 2 (PDF)

Lecture Notes: 3 (PDF)

Lecture Notes: 4 (PDF)

Lecture Notes: 5 (PDF)

Lecture Notes: 6 (PDF)

Lecture Notes: 7 (PDF)

Lecture Notes: 8 (PDF)

Lecture Notes: 9 (PDF)

Lecture Notes: 10 (PDF)

Lecture Notes: 11 (PDF)

Lecture Notes: 12 (PDF)

Lecture Notes: 13 (PDF)

Lecture Notes: 15 (PDF)

Lecture Notes: 16 (PDF)

Lecture Notes: 17 (PDF)

Lecture Notes: 18 (PDF)

Lecture Notes: 19 (PDF)

Lecture Notes: 20 (PDF)

Lecture Notes: 21 (PDF)

Lecture Notes: 22 (PDF)

Lecture Notes: 23 (PDF)

Lecture Notes: 24 (PDF)

Lecture Notes: 25 (PDF)

Lecture Notes: 26 (PDF)

Lecture Notes: 27 (PDF)