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2.007 Design and Manufacturing I, Spring 2003

Kinematic Synthesis in a 4-Bar Linkage: Analysis Using Grashof Criteria
4-bar linkage motion using kinematic synthesis: types of motion analysis using Grashof Criteria, from Topic 4 in the lecture notes section. (Image by Prof. Alex Slocum.)

Highlights of this Course

The course features a wealth of materials including several lectures, software tools, an optional lab, and detailed information on the centerpiece of the curriculum -- the student design project.

Course Description

Develops students' competence and self-confidence as design engineers. Emphasis on the creative design process bolstered by application of physical laws, and learning to complete projects on schedule and within budget. Synthesis, analysis, design robustness and manufacturability are emphasized. Subject relies on active learning via a major design-and-build project. Lecture topics include idea generation, estimation, concept selection, visual thinking and communication, kinematics of mechanisms, machine elements, design for manufacturing, basic electronics, and professional responsibilities and ethics. A required on-line evaluation is given at the beginning and the end of the course so students can assess their design knowledge.


Prof. Alex Slocum
Prof. Martin Culpepper

Course Meeting Times

Two sessions / week
1.5 hours / session




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