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Course Staff
Lecturer: Prof. Markus Zahn
Recitation Instructor: Prof. Jeffrey Lang
Head Teaching Assistant: Shihab Elborai

General Guidelines


Hand-written lecture notes will present most of the course material. Course texts are texts 1 and 2 below. Text 3 is not required but may be useful as a supplementary text.

Electromagnetic Fields and Energy by H. A. Haus, and J. R. Melcher. (Out of print but available in the readings section of this site) [First half of course]

Electromechanical Dynamics by H. H. Woodson, and J. R. Melcher. Part I (Discrete Systems) and Part II (Fields, Forces, and Motion). (Out of print) [Second half of course]

Electromagnetic Field Theory: A Problem Solving Approach by M. Zahn. (Available at

A homework set will generally be handed out in the first lecture each week and is due in the second lecture of the following week (9 days later). No late homeworks will be accepted. For extenuating circumstances contact Prof. Zahn.
Lectures will be twice weekly. Recitations are tentatively twice a week but may be rescheduled to accommodate the schedules of all interested students. There will also be scheduled a one-hour homework review session each week.
Two evening quizzes are scheduled for two hours on the Day 21 and Day 40. There will also be a Final Examination. A formula sheet that each student prepares will be allowed during all quizzes as well as a standard 6.013 formula sheet that will be supplied. In compliance with Institute rules, on quiz days the recitation will be cancelled but an optional quiz review will be given during the class time.
The grades in the course will be given with the following assigned weights:

40% of total: Two One-hour quizzes
35% of total: Final Exam
25% of total: Homework and tutorials
100% total
The homework is an extremely important part of the subject. Students are allowed to work together on homework assignments but each person must do their own thinking and prepare their own homework. Quiz and final exam problems will be analogous to homework problems.
The course will have many physical demonstrations that are shown in lectures and recitations. For further study many of the demonstrations are linked to the on-line Haus/Melcher text in the study materials section of this site. More complete presentation of the demonstrations with accompanying analysis can be viewed on the videotapes entitled "Selected Demonstrations from Electromagnetic Fields and Energy." Tapes can be checked out from Prof. Zahn for home viewing.