I. International Trade: The Basic Tools
1 International Trade and Gains from Trade 6-7 The Standard Trade Model

Globalization and Inequality

The Transfer Problem
8-9 Trade Policy - Tariffs Problem set 2 due on Lecture 8
II. The Political Economy of Trade and Controversies on Globalization
10 Debate I: Globalization and Inequality
11 Trade Policy and Development Problem set 3 due
12 Midterm
III. Open Economy Macroeconomics: Intertemporal Trade
13-14 Intertemporal Trade and the Current Account
15-16 The U.S. Current Account and the Dollar
IV. International Capital Markets
17 The Foreign Exchange Market
18 Hedging Currency Risk
V. Open Economy Macroeconomics: Short-Run Adjustment and Crises
19-20 Money and Exchange Rates
21-22 The Mundell Fleming Model and Exchange Rate Regimes
23 Debate II: Emerging Market Crises, the Role of the IMF
24-26 Financial Crises, Currency Crises