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Part I: The global environment for entrepreneurship
1 Course overview and introduction


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2 Issues for entrepreneurs in developing markets


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3 How entrepreneurial companies respond to corruption


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4 Opportunities amid extreme unpredictability


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Introduction to Carbon Market. Read in particular Carbon market overview.

Review Core Carbon Group.

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5 Team-building mixer  
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7 Legal environments and IP protection


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Part II: The challenges facing entrepreneurial firms
8 Working in a G-Lab project Lehrich, Jonathan, Paul John Paredes, and Ramesh Ravikumar. "Compsis at a Crossroads." MIT Sloan School Case 07-044, April 25, 2008.
9 Life sciences overview, biotech entrepreneurship


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10 Internationalization


Spoleto Culinaria Italiana - MIT Case

Color/9 - Tatitos - MIT Case

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11 Team meetings  
12 You are not alone


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Research methods

Team meetings

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15 Being an entrepreneur  
16 Team meetings  
17 Entrepreneurial finance  
18 Team meetings with faculty advisors  
19 Investigation and analysis  
20 Commercialization

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CASE HTS-110 - MIT Case


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21 Team meetings with faculty advisors  
22 Organizational development and human resource management

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23 Best practices overview  
24 Building trust


Locke, Richard M. "Building Trust." Presented at the Annual Meeting of the American Political Science Association, San Francisco, CA, September 1, 2001.

Part III: The internship and final reports
25 Following month: G-Lab internship  
26 One week following end of internship: Faculty meetings  
27 10 days following end of internship: G-Lab poster session