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This page lists the assigned readings for some individual class sessions, plus a collection of recommended auxiliary reference books.


[JF] = Amazon logo Fraden, J. Handbook of Modern Sensors: Physics, Designs, and Applications. 4th edition. Springer, 2010. ISBN: 9781441964656. [Preview with Google Books] (3rd edition also OK)

[H&H] = Amazon logo Horowitz, P., and W. Hill. The Art of Electronics. 2nd edition. Cambridge University Press, 1989. ISBN: 9780521370950. [Preview with Google Books]

Assigned Readings

1 Introduction; basic sensor-related electronics and signal conditioning

[JF] Chapters 1, 2 and 4 (introduction and signal conditioning).


[H&H] Chapters 4 and 7 (op-amps).

Amazon logo Pallás-Areny, R., and J. G. Webster. Chapter in Analog Signal Processing. Wiley-IEEE, 1999. ISBN: 9780471125280. [Preview with Google Books]

2 Electronics (cont.)

How to Bias an Op-Amp (PDF)

[H&H] Chapters 1, 4 and 5.

[JF] Chapter 5 (interface electronic circuits).

3 Electronics (cont.)

Vaughan, R. G., N. L. Scott, and D. R. White. "The Theory of Bandpass Sampling." IEEE Transactions on Signal Processing 39, no. 9 (September 1991): 1973-1984.

National Semiconductor. Datasheet for "LM13700 Dual Operational Transconductance Amplifiers with Linearizing Diodes and Buffers." (This resource may not render correctly in a screen reader.PDF)

4 Pressure and force

Interlink Electronics. "FSR™ Force Sensing Resistors Integration Guide." (This resource may not render correctly in a screen reader.PDF)

Papakostas, T. V., J. Lima, and M. Lowe. "A Large Area Force Sensor for Smart Skin Applications." Proceedings of IEEE Sensors 2002, vol. 2, pp. 1620-1624.


Hristu, D., N. Ferrier, and R. W. Brockett. "The Performance of a Deformable-Membrane Tactile Sensor: Basic Results on Geometrically-Defined Tasks." Proceedings of IEEE Int'l Conf. on Robotics and Automation 2000.

Karniyama, K., et al. "Vision-Based Sensor for Real-Time Measuring of Surface Traction Fields." IEEE Computer Graphics and Applications 25, no. 1 (2005): 68-75.

Koehly, R., D. Curtil, and M. M. Wanderley. "Paper FSRs and Latex/Fabric Traction Sensors: Methods for The Development of Home-Made Touch Sensors." NIME '06 Proceedings of the 2006 conference on New interfaces for musical expression.

McElligott, L., et al. "'ForSe FIElds' — Force Sensors For Interactive Environments." Proceedings of UBICOMP 2002.

Mattmann, C., et al. "Recognizing Upper Body Postures using Textile Strain Sensors." Proceedings of 11th IEEE International Symposium on Wearable Computers, pp. 29-36.

Lombriser, C., et al. "Modeling Service-Oriented Context Processing in Dynamic Body Area Networks." IEEE Journal on Selected Areas in Communications 27, no. 1 (2009): 49-57.

Merlin Systems Corporation. Merlin Stetch Sensor Application Note. 2004.

5 Pressure, strain and piezoelectrics

Piezo Systems, Inc. Introduction to Piezo Transducers.

Measurement Specialties, Inc. (MSI). Piezo Film Sensors Technical Manual. (This resource may not render correctly in a screen reader.PDF - 4.2MB) [Read in particular pp. 2-4, 27-31, and 36-42]

6 Electric field and capacitive sensing


Paradiso, J. A., and N. Gershenfeld. "Musical Applications of Electric Field Sensing." Computer Music Journal 21, no. 2 (Summer 1997): 69-89. (This resource may not render correctly in a screen reader.PDF - 1.2MB)

Philipp, H. "Charge Transfer Sensing." Sensor Review 19, no. 2 (1999): 96-105.

Amazon logo Baxter, L. Capacitive Sensors: Design and Applications. John Wiley & Sons, 1996. ISBN: 9780780353510. [Preview with Google Books]

7 Capacitive applications and magnetic sensing

Raab, F. H., et al. "Magnetic Position and Orientation Tracking System." IEEE Transactions on Aerospace and Electronic Systems 15, no. 5 (1979): 709-718. [Paper on Polhemus tracker technologies]

Lee, S. K., W. Buxton, and K. C. Smith. "A Multi-Touch Three Dimensional Touch-Sensitive Tablet." CHI '85 Proceedings (April 1985): 21-26. (This resource may not render correctly in a screen reader.PDF) [Paper on Buxton's capacitive trackpad]

Additional References

Signals References

Amazon logo Pallas-Areny, R., and J. G. Webster. Analog Signal Processing. Wiley-Interscience, 1999. ISBN: 9780471125280.

Amazon logo Horowitz, P., and W. Hill. The Art of Electronics. Cambridge University Press, 1989. ISBN: 9780521370950.

Amazon logo Lancaster, D. Active Filter Cookbook. Newnes, 1996. ISBN: 9780750629867.

Other Auxiliary References

Amazon logo Jung, W. The OpAmp Cookbook. Prentice Hall, 1986. ISBN: 9780138896010.

Amazon logo Brignell, J., and N. White. Intelligent Sensor Systems. Taylor & Francis, 1996. ISBN: 9780750303897.

Amazon logo Everett, H. R. Sensors for Mobile Robot. A. K. Peters / CRC Press, 1995. ISBN: 9781568810485.

Amazon logo Scherz, P. Practical Electronics for Inventors. 2nd ed. McGraw-Hill / TAB Electronics, 2006. ISBN: 9780071452816.

Good Niche References

Amazon logo Baxter, L. Capacitive Sensors: Design and Applications. Wiley-IEEE Press, 1996. ISBN: 9780780353510.

Amazon logo APC International. Piezoelectric Ceramics: Principles & Applications. ACP International, 2002. ISBN: 9780971874404.

Amazon logo Lawrence, A. Modern Inertial Technology: Navigation, Guidance, and Control. Springer, 1998. ISBN: 9780387985077.

Amazon logo Rueger, J. M. Electronic Distance Measurement. Springer, 1996. ISBN: 9780387611594.