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Many of the course notes are based on handouts from Professor Leveson as well as her text book:

Amazon logo Leveson, Nancy. Safeware: System Safety and Computer. Reading, MA: Addison-Wesley, 1995. ISBN: 0201119722.

Note: In the following, S-n stands for Chapter n in "Safeware" and New-n stands for Chapter n in a draft version of A New Approach To System Safety Engineering  (PDF - 2.2 MB).

1 Introduction to Class, Accident Causation, System Safety S-1 and S-2 (PDF), New-1, New-2, New-3, New-4, MIL-STD-882B
2 Discussion Questions and In-class Debate on Responsibility for Risk, PHA and Risk Assessment, Traditional Hazard Analysis Techniques, Intent Specifications S-7, S-8, S-9, S-13, S-14, New-11 Follensbee notes, Safeware Appendices (at least Therac-25, DC-10, Challenger, Bhopal, Three Mile Island)
3 Discussion Questions and In-class Debate on Responsibility for Risk (cont.), A New Systems-theoretic Accident Model, Review Preliminary Hazard Analysis for ACC S-4, New-Appendix B, New-5, New-6, New-7, New-8
4 STPA New-9, STPA paper by Howard and Kelley
5 Catch Up  
6 Requirements Analysis and Level 1 Reviews for ACC S-15
7 Design for safety S-16, Knight and Leveson (PDF)

A Reply to Our Critics (PDF)
8 Humans and Automation S-5, S-6, S-17, Bachelder and Leveson (PDF)
9 Robert Francis Visit, Accident Investigation, Presentation of STAMP Analyses of Ueberlingen Accident DOE standard
10 Operations and Management by Prof. John Carroll S-11, S-12, Carroll, Rudolph, Hatakenaka. Learning from Experience in High Hazard Organizations (PDF)

Carroll. Organizational Learning Activities in High-Hazard Industries: The Logics underlying Self-Analysis (PDF)
11 Visitor S-18
12 Visitors from Electric Boat (Submarine Safety) Time to catch up
13 Review of ACC Designs, Wrap-up Epilogue (Safeware, pp. 509-511)