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1 Introduction: The Role of Government  
2 Economic Efficiency and Benefit-Cost Analysis  
3 Public Goods and Externalities  
4 The Optimal Regulation of Pollution: Choice of Policy Instruments Problem set 1 due
5 The Optimal Regulation of Pollution: The Sulfur Dioxide Experiments  
6 Risk, Uncertainty, and Liability  
7 International and Interregional Competition: Is there a Race to the Bottom? Is there an Income Effect? Problem set 2 due
8 The Costs of Environmental Regulations  
9 The Measurement of Benefits: Hedonic Price Indices Problem set 3 due
10 The Measurement of Benefits: Household Production  
11 The Measurement of Benefits: Contingent Valuation  
12 Policy Application: Do the Benefits of the Regulation of Airborne Particulate Matter Exceed the Costs? Problem set 4 due
13 Policy Application: What are the Costs of Global Warming in the US? Problem set 5 due
14 Review