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Lecture Notes

1 Introduction to poverty and developing countries (PDF)
2 Will growth eradicate poverty? Or, does a rising tide lift all ships? (PDF)

The economic lives of the poor

Guest lecture: Prof. Abhijit Banerjee

(PDF) (Courtesy of Prof. Abhijit Banerjee. Used with permission.)
4 Potatoes: nutrition, productivity and population growth (PDF - 1.7MB)
5 The Bengal Famine of 1943: Amartya Sen and Satayajit Ray (PDF)
6 Famines and other disasters: cause and reactions (PDF)
7 Understanding nutrition decisions (PDF)
8 Education and child labor (PDF)
9 How to get children into school? Evaluating different policy options (PDF)
10 Education: educated for what? (PDF)
11 Remedying education: evidence from two randomized evaluations (PDF)
12 The challenge of delivering healthcare to the poor: Udaipur (PDF)
13 Disease and development: micro and macro approaches (PDF)
14 Delivering healthcare: malaria and the bednet controversy (PDF)
15 Investment and technology: should we subsidize fertilizer? (PDF)
16 Introduction to credit, savings and insurance (PDF)
17 The microcredit promise? (PDF)
18 Savings (PDF)
19 Insurance (PDF)
20 Property rights on the ground (PDF)
21 Property rights and the wealth of nations (PDF)
International dimensions
22 The World Bank and the International Monetary Fund (IMF) (PDF)
23 Globalization and trade (PDF)
24 Globalization and financial crisis (PDF)
25 Does aid work? (PDF)