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    • The Aesthetics of the Internet – Context as a Medium 

      Ito, Joichi (Prix Ars Electronica, 1997-06-19)
      The Internet connects computers, people, sensors, vehicles, telephones, and just about anything together in a global network which is fast and cheap. This interconnectedness is the context. Context represents the way and ...
    • Interventions over Predictions: Reframing the Ethical Debate for Actuarial Risk Assessment 

      Barabas, Chelsea; Dinakar, Karthik; Ito, Joichi; Virza, Madars; Zittrain, Jonathan L. (Proceedings of Machine Learning Research, 2017)
      Actuarial risk assessments might be unduly perceived as a neutral way to counteract implicit bias and increase the fairness of decisions made at almost every juncture of the criminal justice system, from pretrial release ...
    • Emergent Democracy 

      Ito, Joichi (2004)
      This essay argues that a new form of democracy — an “Emergent Democracy” — will develop as a result of the use of Internet communication tools and platforms such as blogs. The essay explores a variety of tools available ...