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Faculty and Researchers

Recent Submissions

  • Herath, Narmada; Del Vecchio, Domitilla (2014-03-18)
  • Oehmen, Josef; Rebentisch, Eric (Lean Advancement Initiative, 2010-03)
    This whitepaper summarizes 15 years of research conducted at MIT's Lean Advancement Initiative on the topic of risk management in product design and development. It discusses current challenges in risk management for product ...
  • Oehmen, Josef; Rebentisch, Eric; Kinscher, Kristian (Lean Advancement Initiative, 2011-12)
    The goal of this whitepaper is to summarize the LAI research that applies to program management. The context of most of the research discussed in this whitepaper are large-scale engineering programs, particularly in the ...
  • Oehmen, Josef; Rebentisch, Eric (Lean Advancement Initiative, 2010-07)
    The main objective of this paper is to make the work that has been done at LAI in the area of waste in product development easily accessible to the consortium members. The focus of the discussion in this paper is therefore ...
  • Conforto, Edivandro; Rossi, Monica; Rebentisch, Eric; Oehmen, Josef; Pacenza, Maria (MIT Consortium for Engineering Program Excellence, 2013-06)
    For many years, a cultural barrier has existed between practitioners of systems engineering and of program management.  Some systems engineers and program managers have developed the mindset that their work activities ar ...