This collection contains items related to the Texture Tiling Model, our model of peripheral vision reviewed in the 2019 Journal of Vision paper, " Challenges to pooling models of crowding: Implications for visual mechanisms", by R. Rosenholtz, D. Yu, and S. Keshvari. The collection includes MATLAB software for running the model, and images generated by the model.

(We are finalizing licensing issues with the software. Check back soon.)

Recent Submissions

  • Example outputs of the Texture Tiling Model ("mongrels") 

    Rosenholtz, Ruth; Yu, Dian; Keshvari, Shaiyan (2019-07)
    Our Texture Tiling Model takes a stimulus and fixation as the input, and outputs visualizations of the information available in peripheral vision, according to the model. We call these output images "mongrels". Each input ...