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MIT OCW Archived Courses


Courses unpublished from the live OCW website are considered retired, and are archived to this DSpace Community for long-term access and preservation.
Typically (though not always) a course that is retired and unpublished from the OCW website will be replaced on the OCW website with a newer version of the same (or similar) course number, in a newer semester and year.

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Recent Submissions

  • Cote, Owen (2010-06)
    A proper understanding of modern military operations requires a prior understanding of both the material side of war, and the human or organizational side of war. This seminar will break apart selected past, current, and ...
  • Hausman, Jerry; Chernozhukov, Victor (2005-06)
    This course focuses on the specification and estimation of the linear regression model. The course departs from the standard Gauss-Markov assumptions to include heteroskedasticity, serial correlation, and errors in variables. ...
  • Flemming, Edward (2005-12)
    This course is a study of speech sounds: how we produce and perceive them and their acoustic properties. It explores the influence of the production and perception systems on phonological patterns and sound change. Acoustic ...
  • Diamond, Peter (2005-06)
    The central topic of this course is the theory of general equilibrium and its applications and extensions.
  • Ellison, Glenn (2005-12)
    This course provides an introduction to microeconomic theory and is the first course in the microeconomic theory series. It is intended for graduate students in the economics program. Some components of the course are ...