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    • LISP Machine Progress Report 

      Bawden, Alan; Greenblatt, Richard; Holloway, Jack; Knight, Thomas; Moon, David; e.a. (1977-08-01)
      This informal paper introduces the LISP Machine, describes the goals and current status of the project, and explicates some of the key ideas. It covers the LISP machine implementation, LISP as a system language, ...
    • A Method for Skew-free Distribution of Digital Signals Using Matched Variable Delay Lines 

      Knight, Thomas; Wu, Henry M. (1992-03-01)
      The ability to distribute signals everywhere in a circuit with controlled and known delays is essential in large, high-speed digital systems. We present a technique by which a signal driver can adjust the arrival time ...
    • A Multiple Procedure DDT 

      Knight, Thomas (1968-01-01)
      This Memo. Describes a version of DDT used as the command level of the A.I. Group PDP-6 Time Sharing System (ITS). Special features include capability to handle multiple jobs, ability to stop open read or write references ...