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The mission of the MIT libraries is to create and sustain an intuitive, trusted information environment that enables learning and the advancement of knowledge at MIT. We are committed to developing strategies and systems that promote discovery and facilitate worldwide scholarly communication.

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  • Kaplan, Maxwell Bernard (Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 2017)
    Coral reefs are biodiverse ecosystems that are at risk of degradation as a result of environmental changes. Reefs are constantly in a state of flux: the resident species assemblages vary considerably in space and time. ...
  • Vascik, Parker D. (Parker Denys Neff) (Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 2017)
    On Demand Mobility (ODM) is an emerging transportation concept that leverages pervasive telecommunication connectivity to enable the real-time matching of consumers with transportation service providers. Having experienced ...
  • Rosengard, Sarah Zhou (Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 2017)
    Particulate organic carbon (POC) in the ocean and mobilized by rivers on land transfers -0. 1% of global primary productivity to the deep ocean sediments. This small fraction regulates the long-term carbon cycle by removing ...
  • Le Bras, Isabela Astiz (Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 2017)
    The Gulf Stream and Deep Western Boundary Current (DWBC) shape the distribution of heat and carbon in the North Atlantic, with consequences for global climate. This thesis employs a combination of theory, observations and ...
  • Ogden, Kelly Anne (Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 2017)
    Internal hydraulic jumps in flows with upstream shear are investigated numerically and theoretically. The role of upstream shear has not previously been thoroughly investigated, although it is important in many oceanographic ...