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  • Ondik, Mercedes Maye (Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 2018)
    X-linked dystonia parkinsonism (XDP), also known as torsion dystonia type 3 (DYT3), afflicts hundreds of individuals. Under an X-linked mode of inheritance, the DYT3 haplotype occurs in Filipino populations and is of the ...
  • Ghadooshahy, Azriel (Azriel Sion) (Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 2017)
    The ventral pre-arcuate area (VPA) in the primate prefrontal cortex has recently been found to play an important role in feature-based selection of visual targets in the context of a naturalistic free-gaze visual search ...
  • Jaime-Bustamante, Kean (Kean Willyams) (Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 2017)
    The amygdala is a structure well known for its role in fear and reward learning, but how these mechanisms are used for decision-making is not well understood. Decision-making involves the rapid updating of cue associations ...
  • Futrell, Richard Landy Jones (Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 2017)
    I explore the hypothesis that the universal properties of human languages can be explained in terms of efficient communication given fixed human information processing constraints. I argue that under short-term memory ...
  • Scott, David (David Arthur) (Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 2017)
    Class II CRISPR-Cas RNA programmable DNA endonucleases enable high efficiency genome editing across the biological diversity for research, industrial, and biomedical applications. Human genome editing with CRISPR-Cas just ...