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  • Dendritic biophysics and evolution 

    Beaulieu-Laroche, Lou. (Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 2021)
    The biophysical features of neurons are the building blocks of computation in the brain. Dendrites are the physical site of the vast majority of synaptic connections and can expand the information processing capabilities ...
  • Cognitive resilience is mediated by the MEF2 network in mice and humans 

    Barker, Scarlett J.V.(Scarlett Jazmine) (Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 2021)
    Recent increases in human longevity have been accompanied by a rise in the incidence of dementia. While a large proportion of aged individuals display pathological hallmarks of neurodegenerative disease, a small number of ...
  • Hippocampal microcircuits for social memory specification 

    Lim, Rosary Yuting. (Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 2020)
    During social interactions, humans and social animals can distinguish not only familiar and novel conspecifics (social recognition) but also between multiple familiar individuals (social specification). Recent studies have ...

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