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  • Lewis, Laura D. (Laura Diane) (Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 2014)
    During sleep and general anesthesia, the brain enters a state of decreased arousal and consciousness is transiently suspended. How this transition occurs is a fundamental and unsolved question in neuroscience. The neural ...
  • Ramamoorthi, Kartik (Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 2014)
    A fundamental goal in neuroscience is to understand mechanisms underlying the ability to create memories from sensory experience. While large structures such as the hippocampus are known to be critical for certain types ...
  • Leibo, Joel Zaidspiner (Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 2014)
    The invariance hypothesis is the claim that properties of the ventral stream can be deduced from 1. a consideration of the computational problem with which it is engaged: invariant object recognition, 2. constraints of the ...
  • Jonas, Eric Michael (Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 2014)
    The brain interprets ambiguous sensory information faster and more reliably than modern computers, using neurons that are slower and less reliable than logic gates. But Bayesian inference, which is at the heart of many ...
  • Aparicio, Paul (Paul L.) (Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 2014)
    The middle face patch is a region of cortex in the ventral visual pathway of the Inferior Temporal lobe in the macaque brain. This region has been identified by functional MRI to respond preferentially to images of faces ...