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Lecture Notes

Any number of development tools can be used to compile and run the .java files in this section. Java® plug-in software is required to run some of the Java® files in this section. File decompression software, such as Winzip® or StuffIt®, is required to open the .zip files in this section.

This section contains the course's lecture slides, along with accompanying Java® code and other files used to interactively solve problems during Active Learning sessions. Students are expected to bring their laptop and wireless ethernet card to all lectures, especially the ones designated as Active Learning sessions.

Lecture 1 (PDF) (The ZIP file contains:,
Lecture 2 (PDF) (The ZIP file contains:,
Lecture 3 (PDF) (The ZIP file contains:,,,,, 
Lecture 4 (PDF) (The ZIP file contains:,,,,,,
Lecture 5 (PDF) (The ZIP file contains:,,,,
Lecture 6 (PDF) (The ZIP file contains:,,,,,
Lecture 7 (PDF) (The ZIP file contains:,,,,, 
Lecture 8 (PDF) (The ZIP file contains:,, 
Lecture 9 (PDF) (The ZIP file contains:,
Lecture 10 (PDF) (The ZIP file contains:,,,,, README.txt,
Lecture 11 (PDF) (The ZIP file contains:,, 
Lecture 12 (PDF) (The ZIP file contains:,,,,,
Lecture 13 (PDF) (The ZIP file contains:,,,,,
Lecture 14 (PDF) (The ZIP file contains:,,,,,, 
Lecture 15 (PDF) (The ZIP file contains:,,,,,,
Lecture 16 (PDF) (The ZIP file contains:,,,,, (The ZIP file contains:,,,
Lecture 17 (PDF) (The ZIP file contains:,,,,, (The ZIP file contains:,
Lecture 18 (PDF) (The ZIP file contains:,, 
Lecture 19 (PDF) (The ZIP file contains:,,,,,,,,,,,
Lecture 20 (PDF) (The ZIP file contains:,,
Lecture 21 (PDF) (The ZIP file contains:,,,
Lecture 22 (PDF) (The ZIP file contains:,,, (The ZIP file contains: 
Lecture 23 (PDF) (The ZIP file contains:,,,,,,,, (The ZIP file contains:,,,
Lecture 24 (PDF) (The ZIP file contains:,,,,, 
Lecture 25 (PDF) (The ZIP file contains:, Birthday.txt,,, (The ZIP file contains:,,
Lecture 26 (PDF) (The ZIP file contains:,,,,,,, (The ZIP file contains:,,,,,,,
Lecture 27 (PDF) (The ZIP file contains:, TreeEditor.jar, TreeTraversal.jar.) 
Lecture 28 (PDF) (The ZIP file contains:,,,,,,,
Lecture 29 (PDF) (The ZIP file contains:,,,,, polygons,
Lecture 30 (PDF) (The ZIP file contains:, (The ZIP file contains: 
Lecture 31 (PDF) - 1.3 MB (The ZIP file contains:,,,
jas.jar,,,, names.txt,

Lecture 32 (PDF)
Lecture 33 (PDF) (The ZIP file contains: CountingSort.jar, InsertionSort.jar, MedianQuickSort.jar,
Lecture 34 (PDF) (The ZIP file contains:,,,,
Lecture 35 (PDF) (The ZIP file contains:, (The ZIP file contains:, 
Lecture 36 (PDF) (The ZIP file contains:,,,,,
Lecture 37 (PDF)



Java® is a trademark or registered trademark of Sun Microsystems, Inc. in the United States and other countries.
StuffIt® is a trademark of Aladdin Systems, Inc.
WinZip® is a registered trademark of WinZip Computing, Inc.