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With all problem sets, you may consult published literature and the Web. You must, however, credit all sources. Failure to do so constitutes plagiarism and can have serious consequences. For advice about when and how to credit sources see: Academic Integrity at MIT

2-3 Zeno Problem Set 1 (PDF)
4-6 Infinity Problem set 2 (PDF)
7-9 The Higher Infinite Problem Set 3 (PDF)
10-11 Set Theory Problem Set 4 (PDF)
12-13 Vagueness Problem Set 5 (PDF)
14-15 Newcomb's Puzzle Problem Set 6 (PDF)
16-17 The Liar Paradox Problem Set 7 (PDF)
18-19 Computability Problem Set 8 (PDF)
20-21 Backward Induction and Common Knowledge Problem Set 9 (PDF)
22-27 Godel's Theorem Problem Set 10 (PDF)