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The calendar below provides information on the course's lecture (L) and quiz (Q) sessions. The topics are subject to redirection according to shifting interests of the instructor and members of the class.


L1 Introduction, Morphology, Field Description of Forces Problem set 1 out
L2 Energy Conversion Principles, Forces Problem set 2 out
L3 Synchronous Machines: Round Rotor Problem set 1 due
L4 Machine Size, Power Density Problem set 2 due

Problem set 3 out
L5 Classical Synchronous Machine Theory Problem set 4 out
L6 Two-Reaction Theory: Salient Pole Machines Problem set 3 due
L7 Windings and Winding Patterns: Development of Inductance Problem set 5 out
L8 Induction Machine: Equivalent Circuit Based Development Problem set 4 due
L9 Induction Machine Analysis, Torque-Speed Curves Problem set 5 due

Problem set 6 out
L10 Squirrel-Cage Motors, Drives Problem set 7 out
L11 DC Machines: Faraday's Law Problem set 6 due
Q1 Quiz 1  
L12 Loss Mechanisms: Linear Conductor and Nonlinear Iron  
L13 Variable Reluctance Machine Principles Problem set 8 out
L14 PM Synchronous Machines ("Brushless DC") Problem set 7 due
L15 Machine Design and Synthesis System Problem set 9 out
L16 Design Case: Surface PM Machine Problem set 8 due
L17 Two-Reaction Theory and Coordinate Transformations Problem set 10 out
L18 Dynamic Models of Synchronous Machines Problem set 9 due
L19 Simulation of Electric Machine Transients Problem set 11 out
L20 Interaction with Drives: PWM Inverters Problem set 10 due
L21 Speed Control of Induction Motors, Reactive Control of Generators Problem set 12 out
L22 MST Revisited: Linear Induction and Synchronous Machines Problem set 11 due
L23 Analysis of single phase Induction Machines (Current Research) Problem set 12 due
L24 Recap and Catch Up  
Q2 Quiz 2