Recent Submissions

  • Investigating Social Presence and Communication with Embodied Avatars in Room-Scale Virtual Reality 

    Greenwald, Scott W.; Wang, Zhangyuan; Funk, Markus; Maes, Pattie (Immersive Learning Research Network Conference, iLRN 2017, 2017-06-26)
    Room-scale virtual reality (VR) holds great potential as a medium for communication and collaboration in remote and same-time, same-place settings. Related work has established that movement realism can create a strong ...
  • Multi-User Framework for Collaboration and Co-Creation in Virtual Reality 

    Greenwald, Scott W.; Corning, Wiley; Maes, Pattie (12th International Conference on Computer Supported Collaborative Learning (CSCL), 2017-06-18)
    We present CocoVerse, a shared immersive virtual reality environment in which users interact with each other and create and manipulate virtual objects using a set of hand-based tools. Simple, intuitive interfaces make the ...
  • TagAlong: Informal Learning from a Remote Companion with Mobile Perspective Sharing 

    Greenwald, Scott W.; Khan, Mina; Vazquez, Christian D.; Maes, Pattie (12th International Conference on Cognition and Exploratory Learning in Digital Age 2015 (CELDA), 2015-10)
    Questions often arise spontaneously in a curious mind, due to an observation about a new or unknown environment. When an expert is right there, prepared to engage in dialog, this curiosity can be harnessed and converted ...