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Steven L. Kleiman

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Steven L. Kleiman


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  • Altman, Allen; Kleiman, Steven (Worldwide Center of Mathematics, 2013-05-04)
    There is no shortage of books on Commutative Algebra, but the present book is different. Most books are monographs, with extensive coverage. But there is one notable exception: Atiyah and Macdonald's 1969 classic. It ...
  • Kleiman, Steven L. (Springer-Verlag, 2016-07)
    We prove a projection formula, expressing a relative Buchsbaum–Rim multiplicity in terms of corresponding ones over a module-finite algebra of pure degree, generalizing an old formula for the ordinary (Samuel) multiplicity. ...
  • Kleiman, Steven L. (2013-09)
    This article introduces, informally, the substance and the spirit of Grothendieck's theory of the Picard scheme, highlighting its elegant simplicity, natural generality, and ingenious originality against the larger ...
  • Kleiman, Steven L.; Piene, Ragni; Tyomkin, Ilya (European Mathematical Society, 2011-09)
    Given a smooth family F/Y of geometrically irreducible surfaces, we study sequences of arbitrarily near T-points of F/Y; they generalize the traditional sequences of infinitely near points of a single smooth surface. We ...
  • Kleiman, Steven L. (American Society for Microbiology, 2008-06)
    This historical introduction is in two parts. The first is reprinted with permission from "A century of mathematics in America, Part II," Hist. Math., 2, Amer. Math. Soc., 1989, pp.543-585. Virtually no change has been ...