Project MAC technical reports overlap with and also appear in AI Lab and Laboratory for Computer Science publications

Recent Submissions

  • Decidability Questions for Petri Nets 

    Hack, Michel Henri Théodore (1976-06)
    An understanding of the mathematical properties of Petri Nets is essential when one wishes to use Petri Nets as an abstract model for concurrent systems. The decidability of various problems which arise in this context ...
  • Petri Net Language 

    Hack, Michel Henri Théodore (1976-03)
    In a labeled Petri Net we assign symbols from an alphabet to some or all the transitions of a Petri Net. To each firing sequence of such a Labeled Petri Net corresponds to a string over the alphabet. We study the languages ...
  • Some Data Base Applications of Constraint Expressions 

    Grossman, Richard Weaver (1976-02)
    This report presents a novel network-like representation for information, called "constraint expressions" (CE). CE makes use of some of the knowledge-representation techniques developed by Artificial Intelligence research.

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