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    • Entrepreneurial organizations and human capital 

      Kim, J. Daniel(Jisoo Daniel) (Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 2020)
      This dissertation investigates how human capital shapes both the creation a nd performance of entrepreneurial organizations. In three essays, I study the intricate linkage between startups and the individuals that embody ...
    • Essays in financial economics 

      Goulding, William,Ph. D.Massachusetts Institute of Technology. (Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 2019)
      The essays in this thesis study the impacts of regulation designed to curtail the accumulation of counterparty credit risk exposure at large banks on intermediation in over-the-counter derivatives markets. In Chapter 1 I ...
    • Essays on managing innovation 

      Kearney, Michael J.(Michael Joseph ) (Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 2019)
      This dissertation investigates how choices by managers in research and entrepreneurial settings affect innovation and entrepreneurial outcomes. In the first three chapters, my coauthors and I consider the role of grant-makers ...