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Recent Submissions

  • Endy, Drew; Zoloth, Laurie (2016-05-10)
    Given that human genome synthesis is a technology that could be used to completely redefine the core of what now joins all of humanity together as a species, we argue that discussions of making such capacities real, like ...
  • Knight, Thomas; Matsudaira, Paul (2016-01-27)
    Create and exploit a novel technology for information processing and manufacturing by controlling processes in living cells.
  • Endy, Drew (2013-03-27)
    Research presentation on recent and unpublished work before the MIT Synthetic Biology Working Group on 24 September 2012 in MIT Building 56.
  • Shetty, Reshma; Lizarazo, Meagan; Rettberg, Randy; Knight, Thomas F., Jr. (Elsevier Inc., 2011-05-20)
    An underlying goal of synthetic biology is to make the process of engineering biological systems easier and more reliable. In support of this goal, we developed BioBrick assembly standard 10 to enable the construction of ...
  • Endy, Drew; Grewal, David; Schultz, Jason; Lynch, Jennifer; Crews, Lee; Fischer, Mark (2010-01-25)
    We present an updated, clean draft for additional public comment of a new legal framework supporting the future of biotechnology. The framework, named here as the BioBrick Public Agreement, is based upon the contribution ...