Recent Submissions

  • Measurements and Analyses of Urban Metabolism and Trace Gas Respiration 

    McManus, J.B.; Shorter, J.H.; Zahniser, M.S.; Kolb, C.E.; O’Neill, S.M.; e.a. (NASA, 2002-05-30)
    Human society has well defined metabolic processes that can be characterized and quantified in the same way that an ecosystem’s metabolism can be defined and understood [Fischer-Kowalski, 1998.] The study of “industrial ...
  • Distributed GIS for Monitoring and Modeling Urban Air Quality 

    Yeang, Chen-Hsiang, 1969-; Ferreira, Joseph Jr; Ismail, Ayman (Proceedings of the 6th International Conference in Urban Planning and Urban Management, 1999-09)
    The progress of technology has made the measurement of air quality and the simulation of complex air pollution models both feasible and cost-effective. However, there is a long way to go in terms of facilitating widespread ...