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HAL Reports

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HAL Reports


The HAL Reports are published by the MIT Humans and Automation Laboratory (HAL). The Lab's research focuses on the multifaceted interactions of human and computer decision-making in complex sociotechnical systems. With the explosion of automated technology, the need for humans as supervisors of complex automatic control systems has replaced the need for humans in direct manual control. For more information, please visit (opens a new tab or window).

Recent Submissions

  • Clare, A. S.; Macbeth, J. C,; Cummings, M. L. (American Control Conference, 2012)
    Advances in autonomy have made it possible to invert the typical operator-to-unmanned vehicle ratio so that a single operator can now control multiple heterogeneous Unmanned Vehicles (UVs). Real-time scheduling and task ...
  • Cummings, M. L.; Tappan, J.; Mikkelsen, C. (HFES, 2012)
    d observations, among other techniques. Given the time and resources required, we examine how to generalize a work domain analysis technique, namely the hybrid Cognitive Task Analysis (hCTA) method across two domains in ...
  • Gao, F.; Cummings, M. L.; Bertuccelli, L. F. (ACM/IEEE, 2012)
    Simultaneously controlling increasing numbers of robots requires multiple operators working together as a team. Helping operators allocate attention among different robots and determining how to construct the human-robot ...
  • Macbeth, J. C.; Cummings, M. L.; Bertuccelli, L. F.; Surana, A. (HFES, 2012-10)
    While there is currently significant interest in developing Unmanned Aerial Systems (UASs) that can be supervised by a single operator, the majority of these systems focus on Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance (ISR) ...
  • Stimpson, A. J.; Buinhas, L. S.; Bezek, S.; Boussemart, Y.; Cummings, M. L. (HFES, 2012-10)
    Procedures play an important role in domains where humans interact with critical, complex systems. In such environments, the operator’s ability to correctly follow a given set of procedures can directly impact system safety. ...