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  • Deriving neural architectures from sequence and graph kernels 

    Lei, Tao; Jin, Wengong; Barzilay, Regina; Jaakkola, Tommi S (MLResearch Press, 2017)
    The design of neural architectures for structured objects is typically guided by experimental insights rather than a formal process. In this work, we appeal to kernels over combinatorial structures, such as sequences and ...
  • Interhemispheric transfer of working memories 

    Brincat, Scott Louis; Donoghue, Jacob Alexander; Mahnke, Meredith K.; Kornblith, Simon; Lundqvist, Lars Mikael; e.a. (Elsevier BV, 2021-03)
    Visual working memory (WM) storage is largely independent between the left and right visual hemifields/cerebral hemispheres, yet somehow WM feels seamless. We studied how WM is integrated across hemifields by recording ...
  • Predicting organic reaction outcomes with weisfeiler-lehman network 

    Jin, Wengong; Coley, Connor Wilson; Barzilay, Regina; Jaakkola, Tommi S (Neural Information Processing Systems Foundation, Inc., 2017-12)
    The prediction of organic reaction outcomes is a fundamental problem in computational chemistry. Since a reaction may involve hundreds of atoms, fully exploring the space of possible transformations is intractable. The ...

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