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  • No Crystal Balls 

    Spencer, Jack (Wiley-Blackwell (Firm), 2018-05-18)
    A crystal ball, in Hall’s (1994) sense, need be neither round nor crystalline. The world is said to contain crystal balls whenever the present carries news of the as-yet-undetermined parts of the future. Images appearing ...
  • Co-benefits of China’s climate policy for air quality and human health in China and transboundary regions in 2030 

    Li, Mingwei; Zhang, Da; Li, Chiao-Ting; Selin, Noelle E; Karplus, Valerie Jean (Institute of Physics Publishing, 2019-07-22)
    Climate policies targeting CO₂ emissions from fossil fuels can simultaneously reduce emissions of air pollutants and their precursors, thus mitigating air pollution and associated health impacts. Previous work has examined ...
  • Bridging semantics and syntax with graph algorithms—state-of-the-art of extracting biomedical relations 

    Luo, Yuan; Uzuner, Özlem; Szolovits, Peter (Oxford University Press, 2016-02)
    Research on extracting biomedical relations has received growing attention recently, with numerous biological and clinical applications including those in pharmacogenomics, clinical trial screening and adverse drug reaction ...

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