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MIT Open Access Articles


The MIT Open Access Articles collection consists of scholarly articles written by MIT-affiliated authors that are made available through DSpace@MIT under the MIT Faculty Open Access Policy, or under related publisher agreements. Articles in this collection generally reflect changes made during peer-review.

Version details are supplied for each paper in the collection:

  • Original manuscript: author's manuscript prior to formal peer review
  • Author's final manuscript: final author's manuscript post peer review, without publisher's formatting or copy editing
  • Final published version: final published article, as it appeared in a journal, conference proceedings, or other formally published context (this version appears here only if allowable under publisher's policy)

Some peer-reviewed scholarly articles are available through other DSpace@MIT collections, such as those for departments, labs, and centers.

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Recent Submissions

  • Hu, Qichao; Caputo, Antonio; Sadoway, Donald Robert (MyJoVE Corporation, 2013-08)
    Battery safety has been a very important research area over the past decade. Commercially available lithium ion batteries employ low flash point ( < 80 °C), flammable, and volatile organic electrolytes. These organic based ...
  • Ha, Sieu D.; Silevitch, D. M.; Ramanathan, Shriram; Jaramillo, Rafael (Springer Nature, 2014-03)
    For most metals, increasing temperature (T) or disorder hastens electron scattering. The electronic conductivity (σ) decreases as T rises because electrons are more rapidly scattered by lattice vibrations. The value of σ ...
  • Li, J.; Huang, X.; Richardson, K.; Tan, D. T. H.; Han, Zhaohong; Singh, Vijay Raj; Kita, Derek M.; Monmeyran, Corentin Pierre; Becla, Piotr; Su, Peter; Kimerling, Lionel C; Hu, J.; Agarwal, Anuradha (American Institute of Physics (AIP), 2016-08)
    We experimentally demonstrate an on-chip polycrystalline PbTe photoconductive detector integrated with a chalcogenide glass waveguide. The device is monolithically fabricated on silicon, operates at room-temperature, and ...
  • Zhu, Linxiao; Liu, Fengyuan; Yu, Zongfu; Wang, Xinran; Fan, Shanhui; Lin, Hongtao; Hu, Juejun (Springer Nature, 2015-12)
    Two-dimensional (2D) materials have great potential in photonic and optoelectronic devices. However, the relatively weak light absorption in 2D materials hinders their application in practical devices. Here, we propose a ...
  • Faber, Katherine T.; Asefa, Tewodros; Backhaus-Ricoult, Monika; Brow, Richard; Chan, Julia Y.; Dillon, Shen; Fahrenholtz, William G.; Finnis, Michael W.; Garay, Javier E.; García, R. Edwin; Gogotsi, Yury; Haile, Sossina M.; Halloran, John; Huang, Liping; Jacobsen, Steven D.; Lara-Curzio, Edgar; LeBeau, James; Lee, William E.; Levi, Carlos G.; Levin, Igor; Lewis, Jennifer A.; Lipkin, Don M.; Lu, Kathy; Luo, Jian; Maria, Jon-Paul; Martin, Lane W.; Martin, Steve; Messing, Gary; Navrotsky, Alexandra; Padture, Nitin P.; Randall, Clive; Rohrer, Gregory S.; Rosenflanz, Anatoly; Schaedler, Tobias A.; Schlom, Darrell G.; Sehirlioglu, Alp; Stevenson, Adam J.; Tani, Toshihiko; Tikare, Veena; Trolier-McKinstry, Susan; Wang, Hong; Hu, Juejun; Yildiz, Bilge (Wiley-Blackwell, 2017-04)
    Under the sponsorship of the U.S. National Science Foundation, a workshop on emerging research opportunities in ceramic and glass science was held in September 2016. Reported here are proceedings of the workshop. The report ...
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