The Robotics Data Set Repository (Radish for short) provides a collection of standard robotics data sets. Contained here-in you will find:

  • Logs of odometry, laser and sonar data taken from real robots.
  • Logs of all sorts of sensor data taken from simulated robots.
  • Environment maps generated by robots.
  • Environment maps generated by hand (i.e., re-touched floor-plans).
By making these data sets available to the community, we aim to facilitate the development, evaluation and comparison of robotics algorithms. While the current focus is clearly on localization and mapping, we expect that Radish will ultimately expand to reflect the interests of the broader robotics community.

Radish is a community effort. Researchers are invited to download and make use of the data sets contained here-in, and, in return, to make their own contributions to the repository.

Good data sets are too precious to keep to ourselves!

For comments, questions or to contribute to Radish, email:

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