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Reading Journals

Each student will keep a journal of notes/short reflections on the assigned readings for the class. For each set of readings, I will provide a short list of discussion questions to help focus your reading and prepare you for our class session. You can, but need not, also use these questions as the basis of your readings journal entries. Note that this should not be a summary of the readings, but some of your thoughts about their themes and debates

Reading Journal 4 (PDF)
Reading Journal 5 (PDF)
Reading Journal 6 (PDF)
Reading Journal 7 (PDF)
Reading Journal 8 (PDF)
Reading Journal 10 (PDF)
Reading Journal 11 (PDF)
Reading Journal 12 (PDF)

Policy Memos

Policy memos are a unique written product that practitioners in the policy and planning fields should be able to produce.

Policy Memo 1 (PDF)
Policy Memo 2 (PDF)
Policy Memo Survey (PDF)
Guide to Writing Effective Policy Memos (PDF)

Final Research Project

Individual research projects are longer papers on particular topics within the broad area of water and sanitation planning. Students completing this assignment will be allowed to select the topic they wish to research; note, however, that the focus must be on policy and/or planning aspects of water supply and sanitation in developing countries.

Final Assignment Preparation (PDF)