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1 Introduction and Course Overview

Prepare Case: Meditech (pp. 14-21 in SKS)

Case illustrates supply chain challenges for new product introduction.


Inventory Models

This class will review basic inventory theory: periodic review order-up-to policy; continuous review reorder point policy

Inventory problem set assigned
3 Inventory Systems

Prepare Case: Steel Works

Case permits an application of inventory models and principles.


Supply Chain Tactical Planning

Guest Speaker: Mike Watson, Logic Tools


Supply Contracts I

These classes will introduce various types of supply chain contracts and examine how these mechanisms work, and in particular, how they help to accomplish supply chain coordination.

6 Supply Contracts II Inventory problem set due

Inventory Systems (cont.)

Guest Speaker: Dan Wheeler, LFM 2000

Prepare case: Instron

Case requires application of inventory, capacity and queuing tools to perform supply chain analysis.

Preparation questions are in the assignments section.


Multi-echelon Inventory Systems

Introduction to challenges, issues and relevant models (e.g., Eppen Schrage) for multi-echelon inventory systems

9 Supply Chain and Postponement

Prepare Case: Reebok

This is a new case for which we wish to work out the bugs in an optional session.

10 Supply Chain and Product Design

Prepare Case: HP Network Printer Design for Universality (pp. 230-235 in SKS)

Case illustrates challenges in global supply chain and product design. 

11 Supply Chain Integration - Controlling the Bullwhip

This class will discuss the bullwhip phenomenon, sources for it, ways of characterizing it, and then some remedies.

Supply Chain and Safety Stock Placement

Guest Speaker - Barrett Crane, HP, LFM '96.
Barrett will speak about application of supply chain models to improve and optimize HP supply chains. In preparation you will have a computer exercise that utilizes a student-version of a tool used at HP; the purpose of the exercise will be to develop intuition for optimal placement of inventories in a supply chain.

SIP Model assignment due
13 Supply Chain and Safety Stock Placement

Prepare Case: H.C. Starck, Inc.

Case permits application of inventory principles to metal rolling process.

Preparation questions are in the assignments section.

14 Strategic Alliances and Outsourcing Prepare Case: Barilla

Supply Chain Integration - Application of RFID

Wrap Up, Course Summary and Feedback for Continuous Improvement

Prepare Case: Raytheon

Case examines the business case for using RFID technology for Raytheon.