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Lecture Notes

A sample of the lecture notes from this class is presented here, aligned with the course schedule and the order of subject presentation. All lectures are courtesy of the faculty or individuals named, and used with permission.


Introduction and Course Overview

Class Introduction (PDF)

Meditech Case (PDF)


Inventory Models

This class will review basic inventory theory: periodic review order-up-to policy; continuous review reorder point policy

Inventory Notes (PDF)

Inventory Model Spreadsheet (XLS)

Service Level Note (PDF)

3 Inventory Systems

Steel Works, Inc. Case (PDF)

Steel Works Inventory Tables (XLS)


Supply Chain Tactical Planning

Guest Speaker: Mike Watson, Logic Tools

Supply Chain Tactical Planning

Supply Contracts I

These classes will introduce various types of supply chain contracts and examine how these mechanisms work, and in particular, how they help to accomplish supply chain coordination.

Supply Contracts
6 Supply Contracts II Supply Contracts (cont.)

Inventory Systems (cont.)

Guest speaker: Dan Wheeler, LFM 2000

The Challenge at Instron Case (PDF)

Instron Orders (XLS)

Queuing Theory for "The Challenge at Instron" (PDF)


Multi-echelon Inventory Systems

Introduction to challenges, issues and relevant models (e.g., Eppen Schrage) for multi-echelon inventory systems

Multi-echelon Inventory Systems (PDF)

Multi-echelon Inventory Systems (XLS)

Strategic Inventory Placement Model (PDF)

9 Supply Chain and Postponement Reebok NFL Replica Jerseys: A Case for Postponement (Draft Version) (PDF)
10 Supply Chain and Product Design HP Network Printer Design Case, SKS, Chapter 9.

Supply Chain Integration - Controlling the Bullwhip

This class will discuss the bullwhip phenomenon, sources for it, ways of characterizing it, and then some remedies.

Supply Chain Integration - Controling the Bullwhip
12 Guest Speaker - Open  

Supply Chain and Safety Stock Placement

Guest Speaker - Barrett Crane, HP, LFM '96.
Barrett will speak about application of supply chain models to improve and optimize HP supply chains. In preparation you will have a computer exercise that utilizes a student-version of tool used at HP; the purpose of the exercise will be to develop intuition for optimal placement of inventories in a supply chain.

Strategic Safety Stock Placement in Supply Chains (PDF)
14 Supply Chain and Safety Stock Placement

H.C. Starck, Inc. Case (PDF)

H.C. Starck Sales Data (XLS)

15 Strategic Alliances and Outsourcing Strategic Alliances and Outsourcing Lecture

Supply Chain Integration - Application of RFID

Wrap Up, course summary and feedback for continuous improvement.

RFID Primer (PDF)

Application of RFID at Raytheon Case (PDF)