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The problem sets are assigned on the dates listed below. Assignments include numbered problems from the course textbook, Statistics and Data Analysis from Elementary to Intermediate by Tamhane and Dunlop, as well as exercises with the S-Plus® statistical software program.

1 Introduction and Collecting Data HW1 (PDF)
Covers Chapters 1 and 3; due in Lecture 3.
2 Summarizing and Exploring Data  
3 Summarizing and Exploring Data HW2 (PDF)
Covers Chapter 4; due in Lecture 4.
4 Review of Probability HW3 (PDF)
Covers Chapter 2; due in Lecture 6.
5 Sampling Distributions  
6 Basic Concepts of Inference HW4 (PDF)
Covers Chapters 5 and 6; due in Lecture 8.
7 Inference for Single Samples  
8 Inference for Two Samples  
9 Inference for Proportion and Count Data HW5 (PDF)
Covers Chapters 7 through 9; due in Lecture 10.
10 Review and Examples  
11 Midterm Exam  
12 Simple Linear Regression and Correlation  
13 Simple Linear Regression and Correlation HW6 (PDF)
Covers Chapter 10; due in Lecture 14.
14 Multiple Linear Regression  
15 Multiple Linear Regression

Logistic Regression

Regression Review and Robust Regression
Covers Chapter 11; due in Lecture 16.
16 ANOVA - Single Factor  
17 ANOVA - Single Factor HW8 (PDF)
Covers Chapter 12; due in Lecture 18.
18 ANOVA - Multifactor  
19 ANOVA - Multifactor HW9 (PDF)
Covers Chapter 13; due in Lecture 20.
20 Nonparametric Methods  
21 Nonparametric Methods HW10 (PDF)
Covers Chapter 14; due in Lecture 22.
22 Special Topics  
23 Special Topics  
24 Review and Examples  
25 Final Exam