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Lecture Notes

The lecture notes reference the 15.075 course textbook: Statistics and Data Analysis from Elementary to Intermediate by Ajit C. Tamhane and Dorothy D. Dunlop, Prentice Hall, 2000. They also occasionally refer to: Casella, George, and Roger L. Berger. Statistical Inference. Belmont, CA: Duxbury Press, 1990.

Some slides were prepared by or based on slides by: Prof. Roy Welsch (MIT), Prof. Gordon Kaufman (MIT), Prof. Jacqueline Telford (Johns Hopkins University), and Prof. Ramón León (University of Tennessee). These contributions have been acknowledged on the first slide of each lecture.

1 Introduction and Collecting Data (PDF)
2 Summarizing and Exploring Data (PDF - 1.4 MB)
3 Summarizing and Exploring Data (See PDF file in Lecture 2)
4 Review of Probability (PDF)
5 Sampling Distributions (PDF)
6 Basic Concepts of Inference (PDF)
7 Inference for Single Samples (PDF)
8 Inference for Two Samples (PDF)
9 Inference for Proportion and Count Data (PDF)
10 Review and Examples (PDF)

Inference in a Nutshell (PDF)
11 Midterm Exam
12 Simple Linear Regression and Correlation (PDF)
13 Simple Linear Regression and Correlation (See PDF file for Lecture 12)
14 Multiple Linear Regression (PDF)
15 Multiple Linear Regression (See PDF file for Lecture 14)

Logistic Regression (PDF)

Regression Review and Robust Regression (PDF)
16 ANOVA - single factor (PDF)
17 ANOVA - single factor (See PDF file for Lecture 16)
18 ANOVA - multifactor (PDF)
19 ANOVA - multifactor (See PDF file for Lecture 18)
20 Nonparametric Methods (PDF)
21 Nonparametric Methods (See PDF file for Lecture 20)
22 Special Topics
23 Special Topics
24 Review and Examples (PDF)
25 Final Exam