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Labs and Assignments

This page gives details on coursework for the first half of the term, prior to the final team projects:

Homework Assignments

Homework 1

Students completed and submit a profile questionnaire about their background and interests.

Homework 2

Graphing Asthma or Heart Disease approaches using the Global Health Innovation Compass

Lab Notebooks

During the first half of the term, students are expected to complete weekly Lab Notebook assignments on the following topics:

  1. Design challenge template: see this sample (PDF)
  2. Problem statement
  3. Design specifications
  4. Parameter chart
  5. Weekly individual blog entries

Lab Assignments

1 Drug delivery

Using the device design parameters and strategies, design the following:

1. An autodisable syringe. Using the standard syringe, create a feature or a mechanism that renders it useless once it has been used a single time.

2. Your own version of an appropriate paper spacer for inhalers and nebulizers ensuring that aerodynamic flow and dosage are not compromised.

3. A multidosal delivery system for your nebulizers.

2 Vital signs monitoring (PDF)

This lab introduces 3 types of vital signs monitoring devices:

- Pulse oximeters

- Electrocardiogram (ECG, also known as an EKG)

- Electronic stethoscope

Slides on Matlab overview and ideas (PDF)

Sample data and MATLAB files (ZIP) (Zip file contains LPfilterWrapper.m, BPfilterWrapper.m, and exampleHeartbeat.wav)

The .m files are "wrapper" functions that should make it easier to use the digital filters built into Matlab. The .wav file has recorded heart sounds + noise, and should be similar to the data that you will collect in the lab.

3 Medical instruments A hands-on lab in which students perform simulated procedures using real instruments, with focus on surgery and infection control.  
4 Diagnostics Examples considered: paper diagnostics and HIV testing


U.S. CDC and WHO. "Overview of HIV Testing Technologies." Module 3 in HIV Rapid Testing Training Package, Participant Manual, 2005. (PDF ‑ 1.0MB)

5 Microfluidics Using the thinXXS lab-on-a-chip platform, students learn about the fundamental of microfluidic based diagnostics.