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Problem Set 1 (PDF)

Introduction to MATLAB® (PDF)

Stark, J., and K. Hardy. "Chaos Useful at Last." Science 301, no. 5637 (August 29, 2003): 1192-1193.

iterate.m (M)
Problem Set 2 (PDF)    
Problem Set 3 (PDF) Solving ODEs on MATLAB® (PDF) vanderpol.m (M)
Problem Set 4 (PDF)

The Driven Pendulum (PDF) (Courtesy of Jan M. Skotheim. Used with permission.)

Tips on Analyzing Pendulum Data (PDF)

makesignal.m (M)

fourier.m (M)

Problem Set 5 (PDF) Damped Driven Pendulum (PDF)

drvpend.m (M)

drvpend.c (C)

Problem Set 6 (PDF)    
Problem Set 7 (PDF) Lorenz Model (PDF) lorenz.m (M)
Problem Set 8 (PDF) Guide to Fracdim (PDF)


fracdim.c (C)

fracdim.m (M)

correl.c (C)

loaddat.m (M)

Problem Set 9 (PDF) Supplement to Problem Set 9 (PDF)

iterate.m (M)