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Lecture Notes

These lecture notes do not correspond to specific class sessions, and are organized by topic.

Full set of lecture notes (PDF - 1.7 MB)

Separate Files by Topics

Front Matter (table of contents, acknowledgements, and references) (PDF)

Pendulum (PDF)

Stability of Solutions to ODEs (PDF)

Conservation of Volume in Phase Space (PDF)

Damped Oscillators and Dissipative Systems (PDF)

Forced Oscillators and Limit Cycles (PDF)

Parametric Oscillator (PDF)

Fourier Transforms (PDF)

Poincare Sections (PDF)

Fluid Dynamics and Rayleigh-Benard Convection (PDF)

Introduction to Strange Attractors (PDF)

Lorenz Equations (PDF)

Henon Attractor (PDF)

Experimental Attractors (PDF)

Fractals (PDF)

Lyapunov Exponents (PDF)

Period Doubling Route to Chaos (PDF)

Intermittency (and Quasiperiodicity) (PDF)