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CSAIL Technical Reports (July 1, 2003 - present)

Research and Teaching Output of the MIT Community

CSAIL Technical Reports (July 1, 2003 - present)


The CSAIL Technical Reports series includes:

  • Articles (previous published or unpublished)
  • Ph.D., M.Eng., and S.M. theses
  • Technical Reports or memoranda
  • UROP or AUP report advised by a CSAIL member
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Recent Submissions

  • Pit--Claudel, Clément; Mariet, Zelda; Harding, Rachael; Madden, Sam (2016-02-08)
    Rapidly developing areas of information technology are generating massive amounts of data. Human errors, sensor failures, and other unforeseen circumstances unfortunately tend to undermine the quality and consistency of ...
  • McCutchen, Richard Matthew; Itzhaky, Shachar; Jackson, Daniel (2016-01-12)
    There is a growing demand for data-driven web applications that help automate organizational and business processes of low to medium complexity by letting users view and update structured data in controlled ways. We present ...
  • Shen, Jiasi; Rinard, Martin (2015-12-27)
    We present a new language construct, filtered iterators, for safe and robust input processing. Filtered iterators are designed to eliminate many common input-processing errors while enabling robust continued execution. The ...
  • Beckmann, Nathan; Tsai, Po-An; Sanchez, Daniel (2015-12-19)
    Conventional memory systems are organized as a rigid hierarchy, with multiple levels of progressively larger and slower memories. Hierarchy allows a simple, fixed design to benefit a wide range of applications, because ...
  • Beckmann, Nathan; Sanchez, Daniel (2015-12-19)
    Much prior work has studied processor cache replacement policies, but a large gap remains between theory and practice. The optimal policy (MIN) requires unobtainable knowledge of the future, and prior theoretically-grounded ...