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CSAIL Work Products

Research and Teaching Output of the MIT Community

CSAIL Work Products


The CSAIL Work Products collection includes digital artifacts created during the course of CSAIL research, such as audio recordings, data sets, software, and videos.

Recent Submissions

  • Finlayson, Mark Alan (2014-12-30)
    This archive contains supplementary materials for the article titled "A Survey of Corpora in Computational and Cognitive Narrative Science" by Mark A. Finlayson, published in the journal *Sprache und Datenverarbeitung*. ...
  • Finlayson, Mark A.; Halverson, Jeffry R.; Corman, Steven R. (MIT CSAIL, 2014-03-22)
    The N2 Corpus (Narrative Networks Corpus) comprises 100 story texts (42,480 words) relevant to Islamist Extremism, drawn from religious stories, online material, and promotional magazines. The corpus has been annotated for ...
  • Finlayson, Mark Alan (2013-11-01)
    This archive contains the code and data for running the evaluations described in: Finlayson, Mark Alan (2014) "Java Libraries for Accessing the Princeton Wordnet: comparison and Evaluation" in Proceedings of the 7th Global ...
  • García, Rubén (2011-05-10)
    Supplemental materials for the master thesis "Understanding the Performance of Broadband Networks Through the Statistical Analysis of Speed Tests", by Rubén García, submitted in May 2011 for the S.M. in Technology and ...
  • Finlayson, Mark Alan; Kulkarni, Nidhi (2011)
    jMWE is a Java library for constructing and testing Multi-Word Expression detectors. The library has three main facilities: (1) a detector API, (2) a MWE index facility, and (3) a test harness. This is version 1.0.0 of the ...