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    • 7.02 / 10.702 Experimental Biology & Communication, Spring 2005 

      King, Jonathan; Guarente, Leonard; Steiner, Lisa; RajBhandary, Uttam (2005-06)
      This introductory biology laboratory course covers the application of experimental techniques in microbiology, biochemistry, cell and developmental biology. Emphasis is placed on the integration of factual knowledge with ...
    • 5.68J / 10.652J Kinetics of Chemical Reactions, Spring 2003 

      Steinfeld, Jeffrey; Green Jr., William (2003-06)
      This course deals with the experimental and theoretical aspects of chemical reaction kinetics, including transition-state theories, molecular beam scattering, classical techniques, quantum and statistical mechanical ...
    • 2.60 / 2.62J / 10.392J / 22.40J / 10.390J Fundamentals of Advanced Energy Conversion, Spring 2004 

      Tester, Jefferson W.; Kazimi, Mujid S.; Shao-Horn, Yang; Ghoniem, Ahmed F. (2004-06)
      This course covers fundamentals of thermodynamics, chemistry, flow and transport processes as applied to energy systems. Topics include analysis of energy conversion in thermomechanical, thermochemical, electrochemical, ...