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13.734 Sailing Yacht Design, Fall 2003

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Show simple item record Milgram, Jerome H. en_US
dc.coverage.temporal Fall 2003 en_US 2003-12
dc.identifier 13.734-Fall2003
dc.identifier local: 13.734
dc.identifier local: IMSCP-MD5-94dc83fd83d3a6b19974b48aa982d093
dc.description.abstract This subject teaches students, having an initial interest in sailing design, how to design good yachts. Topics covered include hydrostatics, transverse stability, and the incorporation of the design spiral into one's working methods. Computer aided design (CAD) is used to design the shapes of hulls, appendages and decks, and is an important part of this course. The capstone project in this course is the Final Design Project in which each student designs a sailing yacht, complete in all major respects. The central material for this subject is the content of the book Principals of Yacht Design by Larssson and Eliasson (see further description in the syllabus). All the class lectures are based on the material in this book. The figures in the book which are shown in class (but not reproduced on this site), contain the essential material and their meaning is explained in detail during the lecture sessions. Mastery of the material in the book and completing a design project provides the desired and needed education. en_US
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dc.subject sailing design en_US
dc.subject yacht design en_US
dc.subject hydrostatics en_US
dc.subject transverse stability en_US
dc.subject design spiral en_US
dc.subject CAD en_US
dc.subject hulls en_US
dc.subject appendages en_US
dc.subject decks en_US
dc.subject 13.734 en_US
dc.subject 2.996 en_US
dc.subject Yachts -- Design and construction. en_US
dc.title 13.734 Sailing Yacht Design, Fall 2003 en_US
dc.title.alternative Sailing Yacht Design en_US

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