Recent Submissions

  • Object Detection in Images by Components 

    Mohan, Anuj (1999-08-11)
    In this paper we present a component based person detection system that is capable of detecting frontal, rear and near side views of people, and partially occluded persons in cluttered scenes. The framework that is ...
  • A Note on Support Vector Machines Degeneracy 

    Rifkin, Ryan; Pontil, Massimiliano; Verri, Alessandro (1999-08-11)
    When training Support Vector Machines (SVMs) over non-separable data sets, one sets the threshold $b$ using any dual cost coefficient that is strictly between the bounds of $0$ and $C$. We show that there exist SVM ...
  • Support Vector Machines: Training and Applications 

    Osuna, Edgar; Freund, Robert; Girosi, Federico (1997-03-01)
    The Support Vector Machine (SVM) is a new and very promising classification technique developed by Vapnik and his group at AT&T Bell Labs. This new learning algorithm can be seen as an alternative training technique ...

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