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16.888 / ESD.77 Multidisciplinary System Design Optimization, Spring 2004

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Show simple item record Willcox, Karen de Weck, Olivier
dc.coverage.temporal Spring 2004 2012-01-11T06:27:26Z 2012-01-11T06:27:26Z 2004-06
dc.identifier 16.888-Spring2004
dc.identifier.other 16.888
dc.identifier.other ESD.77
dc.identifier.other IMSCP-MD5-e4062e04695531d4e58bc6e80c00b909
dc.description.abstract This course is mainly focused on the quantitative aspects of design and presents a unifying framework called "Multidisciplinary System Design Optimization" (MSDO). The objective of the course is to present tools and methodologies for performing system optimization in a multidisciplinary design context, focusing on three aspects of the problem: (i) The multidisciplinary character of engineering systems, (ii) design of these complex systems, and (iii) tools for optimization. There is a version of this course (16.60s) offered through the MIT Professional Institute, targeted at professional engineers. en
dc.language.iso en-US
dc.rights This site (c) Massachusetts Institute of Technology 2011. Content within individual courses is (c) by the individual authors unless otherwise noted. The Massachusetts Institute of Technology is providing this Work (as defined below) under the terms of this Creative Commons public license ("CCPL" or "license") unless otherwise noted. The Work is protected by copyright and/or other applicable law. Any use of the work other than as authorized under this license is prohibited. By exercising any of the rights to the Work provided here, You (as defined below) accept and agree to be bound by the terms of this license. The Licensor, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, grants You the rights contained here in consideration of Your acceptance of such terms and conditions. en
dc.subject 16.888 en
dc.subject ESD.77 en
dc.subject optimization en
dc.subject multidisciplinary design optimization en
dc.subject MDO en
dc.subject subsystem identification en
dc.subject interface design en
dc.subject linear constrained optimization fomulation en
dc.subject non-linear constrained optimization formulation en
dc.subject scalar optimization en
dc.subject vector optimization en
dc.subject systems engineering en
dc.subject complex systems en
dc.subject heuristic search methods en
dc.subject tabu search en
dc.subject simulated annealing en
dc.subject genertic algorithms en
dc.subject sensitivity en
dc.subject tradeoff analysis en
dc.subject goal programming en
dc.subject isoperformance en
dc.subject pareto optimality en
dc.subject flowchart en
dc.subject design vector en
dc.subject simulation model en
dc.subject objective vector en
dc.subject input en
dc.subject discipline en
dc.subject output en
dc.subject coupling en
dc.subject multiobjective optimization en
dc.subject optimization algorithms en
dc.subject tradespace exploration en
dc.subject numerical techniques en
dc.subject direct methods en
dc.subject penalty methods en
dc.subject heuristic techniques en
dc.subject SA en
dc.subject GA en
dc.subject approximation methods en
dc.subject sensitivity analysis en
dc.subject isoperformace en
dc.subject output evaluation en
dc.subject MSDO framework en
dc.subject 16.888 en
dc.subject ESD.77 en
dc.title 16.888 / ESD.77 Multidisciplinary System Design Optimization, Spring 2004 en
dc.title.alternative Multidisciplinary System Design Optimization en
dc.audience.educationlevel Graduate
dc.subject.cip 490101 en
dc.subject.cip Aeronautics/Aviation/Aerospace Science and Technology, General en
dc.subject.cip 140201 en
dc.subject.cip Aerospace, Aeronautical and Astronautical Engineering en
dc.subject.cip 150801 en
dc.subject.cip Aeronautical/Aerospace Engineering Technology/Technician en
dc.subject.cip 143701 en
dc.subject.cip Operations Research en 2012-01-11T06:27:26Z

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