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15.082J / 6.855J Network Optimization, Spring 2003

Research and Teaching Output of the MIT Community

Show simple item record Orlin, James
dc.coverage.temporal Spring 2003 2012-11-09T10:49:59Z 2012-11-09T10:49:59Z 2003-06
dc.identifier 15.082J-Spring2003
dc.identifier.other 15.082J
dc.identifier.other 6.855J
dc.identifier.other IMSCP-MD5-ad0dbc2e02a49a25e04c66b2074aa805
dc.description.abstract 15.082J/6.855J is an H-level graduate subject in the theory and practice of network flows and its extensions. Network flow problems form a subclass of linear programming problems with applications to transportation, logistics, manufacturing, computer science, project management, finance as well as a number of other domains. This subject will survey some of the applications of network flows and focus on key special cases of network flow problems including the following: the shortest path problem, the maximum flow problem, the minimum cost flow problem, and the multi-commodity flow problem. en
dc.language.iso en-US
dc.rights This site (c) Massachusetts Institute of Technology 2012. Content within individual courses is (c) by the individual authors unless otherwise noted. The Massachusetts Institute of Technology is providing this Work (as defined below) under the terms of this Creative Commons public license ("CCPL" or "license") unless otherwise noted. The Work is protected by copyright and/or other applicable law. Any use of the work other than as authorized under this license is prohibited. By exercising any of the rights to the Work provided here, You (as defined below) accept and agree to be bound by the terms of this license. The Licensor, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, grants You the rights contained here in consideration of Your acceptance of such terms and conditions. en
dc.subject network flows en
dc.subject extensions en
dc.subject network flow problems en
dc.subject transportation en
dc.subject logistics en
dc.subject manufacturing en
dc.subject computer science en
dc.subject project management en
dc.subject finance en
dc.subject the shortest path problem en
dc.subject the maximum flow problem en
dc.subject the minimum cost flow problem en
dc.subject the multi-commodity flow problem en
dc.subject communication en
dc.subject systems en
dc.subject applications en
dc.subject efficiency en
dc.subject algorithms en
dc.subject traffic en
dc.subject equilibrium en
dc.subject design en
dc.subject mplementation en
dc.subject linear programming en
dc.subject implementation en
dc.subject computer en
dc.subject science en
dc.subject linear en
dc.subject programming en
dc.subject network en
dc.subject flow en
dc.subject problems en
dc.subject project en
dc.subject management en
dc.subject maximum en
dc.subject minimum en
dc.subject cost en
dc.subject multi-commodity en
dc.subject shortest en
dc.subject path en
dc.subject 15.082J en
dc.subject 6.855J en
dc.subject 15.082 en
dc.subject 6.855 en
dc.subject.lcsh Network analysis (Planning) en
dc.subject.lcsh Mathematical optimization en
dc.title 15.082J / 6.855J Network Optimization, Spring 2003 en
dc.title.alternative Network Optimization en
dc.audience.educationlevel Graduate
dc.subject.cip 111002 en
dc.subject.cip System, Networking, and LAN/WAN Management/Manager en 2012-11-09T10:50:00Z

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