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15.223 Global Markets, National Policies, and the Competitive Advantages of Firms, Fall 2007

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dc.coverage.temporal Fall 2007 en_US 2007-12
dc.identifier 15.223-Fall2007
dc.identifier local: 15.223
dc.identifier local: IMSCP-MD5-7e101ce635c7ca32437aaae858417b8b
dc.description.abstract The world is changing in two fundamental ways. First, the development of a truly global market in products, services, capital, and even certain types of labor is changing the basic terms of competition for an array of different firms and industries. Second, the rules and institutions governing the new international economic order are still in flux. National regulations are no longer adequate yet international accords over trade, intellectual property, labor standards, and a host of other issues are fiercely and frequently contested by competing interests. The final results of these debates will determine who wins and who loses in the new global economy. Understanding the interaction between environment and business around the world is the key to understanding both the possibilities for and constraints on either managing an existing or starting a new business in today's fast-changing economy. en_US
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dc.subject globalization en_US
dc.subject market economies en_US
dc.subject liberal market economies en_US
dc.subject state-driven development en_US
dc.subject emerging markets en_US
dc.subject intellectual property en_US
dc.subject ngo en_US
dc.subject sustainability en_US
dc.subject trade policy en_US
dc.subject international trade en_US
dc.subject labor standards en_US
dc.subject environmental standards en_US
dc.title 15.223 Global Markets, National Policies, and the Competitive Advantages of Firms, Fall 2007 en_US
dc.title.alternative Global Markets, National Policies, and the Competitive Advantages of Firms en_US

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