The LCS Technical Reports collection includes some items originally issued as Project MAC memos between 1963 and 1974.

Recent Submissions

  • The AEGIS Processor Architecture for Tamper-Evident and Tamper-Resistant Processing 

    Suh, G. Edward; Clarke, Dwaine; Gassend, Blaise; van Dijk, Marten; Devadas, Srinivas (2003)
    We describe the architecture for a single-chip AEGIS processor which can be used to build computing systems secure against both physical and software attacks. Our architecture assumes that all components external to the ...
  • Hybrid I/O Automata* 

    Lynch, Nancy A.; Segala, Roberto; Vaandrager, Frits (2003-01)
    Hybrid systems are systems that exhibit a combination of discrete and continuous behavior. Typical hybrid systems include computer components, which operate in discrete program steps, and real-world components, whose ...
  • Bandwidth Management in Wireless Sensor Networks 

    Hull, Bret; Jamieson, Kyle; Balakrishnan, Hari (2003-04)
    Wireless sensor networks are often used in monitoring and control applications, where software running on generalpurpose computers ÔøΩpullÔøΩ information from remote sensors and ÔøΩpushÔøΩ actuations into the network. The ...

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