Recent Submissions

  • Compositionality for Probabilistic Automata 

    Lynch, Nancy A.; Segala, Roberto; Vaandrager, Frits
    We establish that on the dfomain of probabilistic automata, the trace distribution preorder coincides with the simulation preorder.
  • Improving Application-level Network Services with Regions 

    Li, Ji (2003-05)
    The underlying premise of the Region Project is that the concept of a region should be a new architecture capability in networking. A region is an entity that encapsulates and implements scoping, grouping, subdividing, and ...
  • Sift: A MAC Protocol for Event-Driven Wireless Sensor Networks 

    Jamieson, Kyle; Balakrishnan, Hari; Tay, Y.C. (2003-05)
    Nodes in sensor networks often encounter spatially-correlated contention, where multiple nodes in the same neighborhood all sense an event they need to transmit information about. Furthermore, in many sensor network ...

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