Virtual Customer is a multidisciplinary approach to improving customer input to the product development process.

VC has reinvented traditional marketing science methods such as conjoint analysis, perceptual mapping, Vocalyst, and logit analysis. We apply them in novel ways to web-based methods. Product developers can now identify customer preferences more quickly, simply, and easily.

Recent Submissions

  • Metrics Thermostat 

    Hauser, John (2001-07)
    The explosion of information and information technology has led many firms to evolve a dispersed product development process with people and organizations spread throughout the world. To coordinate such dispersed processes ...
  • Fast Polyhedral Adaptive Conjoint Estimation 

    Olivier, Toubia; Duncan, Simester; John, Hauser (2002-02)
    We propose and test a new adaptive conjoint analysis method that draws on recent polyhedral “interior-point” developments in mathematical programming. The method is designed to offer accurate estimates after relatively few ...
  • Application and Test of Web-based Adaptive Polyhedral Conjoint Analysis 

    Dahan, Ely; Hauser, John; Simester, Duncan; Toubia, Olivier (2002-01)
    In response to the need for more rapid and iterative feedback on customer preferences, researchers are developing new web-based conjoint analysis methods that adapt the design of conjoint questions based on a respondent’s ...

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